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CIDAN is coming to the UK

CIDAN is a premium Swedish brand manufacturing sheet metal working machines – soon to arrive in the UK. Our highest quality Swedish CIDAN and Austrian FORSTNER machines have been sold through agents in the UK since 1950 and worldwide in over 100 other countries. Now we are crossing the North Sea ourselves on 10th September to bring you first hand our vast experience and our Swedish innovation and state of the art technology.
Our expert sales staff and our experienced service technicians are all hoping to meet you in the near future. In the meantime we have some exciting opening offers that you can read about below.
CIDAN has been producing machines for 113 years, developing the very latest technology and always providing unbeatable performance. All CIDAN and FORSTNER machines are produced in Sweden and Austria.
A complete solution, from machine to software
Own a CIDAN/FORSTNER and you will have a complete solution from secure financing, training, smart control systems and smooth running production. We have the right solution for you whether you are a small company or you need fully automated solutions for demanding production. CIDAN is a world leading manufacturer of sheet metal working machines, such as folding machines, guillotine shears and coil processing machines as well as roll forming, long folder and advanced software. With CIDAN’s large portfolio we will be bringing you the best of Swedish engineering.
CIDAN already has companies in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, USA and China and now we are proud to be opening CIDAN Machinery UK in the UK.

What we can offer you

  • A wide range of sheet metal working machines
  • Software to facilitate production, maintenance, service, and troubleshooting
  • Installation
  • Operator training
  • Service and maintenance
  • Service agreement
  • Financing
What makes us unique
  • You buy your machine and spareparts directly from us – an unbeatable solution
  • Our service technicians are specialists in servicing and repairing CIDAN/FORSTNER – maximises your quality and your uptime.
  • 2-years warranty – quality that never lets you down
  • Support directly from the manufacturer
  • Unbeatable experience and expertise in manufacturing machines, more than 100 years
  • Our own software developed by us for our machines and bringing you control systems, web-based ordering and production systems that can all be integrated into your ERP system
Opening offers for all our old and new customers!
We at CIDAN are very proud and excited about being closer to all our current and new customers in the UK. We want to share this with you and to celebrate our premiere we have two fantastic opening offers:
1. A whole CIDAN workshop for our first reference sites
We want to create a small number of reference workshops which we will equip with new machines on favorable terms where we can show potential customers the latest in CIDAN sheet metal working machines and software. If you are interested, we will offer very favorable terms, from finance, transportation, installation, training, and service without worries.
As a customer, you always have an operational guarantee, provided you have a service agreement with us. You will increase your production, you will always know you have the highest and reliable quality and you will have a smooth path to trouble free manufacturing.
If you are interested in becoming our first reference site, contact Lars Olander +44 (0)786 9 025 134 or
2. If you are already using a CIDAN machine,
don’t miss our special offer:

50% discount for service, for CIDAN, FORSTNER and Göteneds machines.
Until today, our machines have been sold in the UK through dealers and so we do not know where all our machines are located. If you have a CIDAN, FORSTNER or Göteneds machine, please let us know and we will be happy to provide expert service for your machine. Or perhaps you are ready to update your machinery? Just let us know and we will introduce you to the finest machines from Swedish advanced technology and reliable workmanship.
Both these offers are valid until 31st of October 2020
so call us today on +44 (0)786 9 025 134


Lars Olander – your UK contact

I have been working for CIDAN for almost my whole life, from summer vacations learning on the factory floor through R&D and for the last 30 years in sales. I am one of a team of experts and have sold CIDAN machines in all parts of the world. Now I am looking forward to sharing all I know about Swedish innovation, quality and reliability with old and new customers here in the United Kingdom.
Please call me, I want to hear from you!
You can reach me on +44 (0)786 9 025 134 or
I hope to see you soon!

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